ASP.NET- Learn ASP.NET and ADO.NET from Scratch


ASP.NET- Learn ASP.NET and ADO.NET from Scratch: Introduction is an online certificate course which enable you to learn the making of web development projects. In addition, the tooling support from Visual Studio is second to none. The students will be provided with online video training


  • Duration : 9 hours
  • Eligibility : Any desiring candidate can enroll.
  • fee details : One time payment of Rs 4999.

₹ 5,999.00

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Product Description

About the Program
At the completion of this course, you will be building real, production-ready, web applications using Microsoft’s .NET framework, ASP.NET MVC is one of the most popular web development frameworks today. ASP .NET MVC is a framework for building scalable, standards-based web applications using well-established design patterns and the power of ASP .NET and the .NET Framework. You will start with basic ASP .NET concepts and will learn the new concepts that are now part of the latest version of ASP .NET. You will go through the basic syntax and directives.
About the Institution
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One time payment of Rs 4999.


The course comprises of:
Section 1:
Introduction1 Introduction 09:10
2 Essentials 09:10
Section 2: ASP.NET Environment
3 ASp.NET Environment- Visual Studio IDE, Working with diff. wondows 07:16
4 ASp.NET Environment Continues 07:22
Section 3: ASP.NET Lifecycle
5 ASP.NET Lifecycle 10:11
Section 4: ASP.NET First Example
6 ASP.NET First Example 11:54
Section 5: ASP.NET Event Handling
7 ASp.NET Event Handling 08:21
8 Default Events and Comprehensive Example 07:55
Section 6: ASP.NET Server side objects
9 ASp.NET Server side objects- Server Objects. request Objects 07:30
10 Response Object and Example 06:37 and many more.



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