LBO Modeling Copal Institute

LBO Modeling Copal Institute

LBO Modeling is an online course offered by Copal Institute. This course will cover various aspects as to how the investors arrive at a value for a highly leveraged acquisition. Students will learn how to prepare LBO model from scratch.

  • PROVIDER : LBO Modeling Copal Institute
  • Duration : 3 months, 50 hours
  • Fee details : One time payment of Rs. 11975 (inclusive of taxes).

₹ 11,975.00

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Product Description

About the Program
LBO analysis is utilized by banks and private value firms to evaluate the estimation of business in the case of an utilized recapitalization (buyout). It knows how much a monetary purchaser can pay. LBO displaying further empowers you to manufacture budgetary models that dissect utilized buyout exchanges as they are created in today’s market.
This course will control you through the mechanics of the LBO demonstrating process with basic and straightforward steps. When you enlist in this course you will get free backing from our exceedingly talented and experienced mentors. The ideas and models taught here are intended to be of down to earth advantage and are promptly usable in the workplace.After fruitful finish of this course, you will increase great learning which will offer you some assistance with moving ahead in your vocation.
About the Institution
Copal Amba, a leading third party research and analytics provider, set up the Copal Institute in 2011. The Copal Institute seeks to bridge the gap between job market requirements and available trained workforce by imparting skill-based training to enhance domain-specific knowledge. This will equip job aspirants with the necessary skills sets to get placed as well as succeed at their workplaces.
The students will be provided with:

  1. Reading Materials
  2. Video Tutorials
  3. Live Chat Support to resolve queries and clear the doubts on a real time basis
  4. Interactive Check Your Understanding (CYU) questions
  5. Home Work (comprising of assignments and submission of projects which will be evaluated by experts through an e-mail correspondence)
  6. Final Assessment
  7. Test and Certification (are optional depending on individual need of the learner)

One time payment of Rs. 11975 (inclusive of taxes).

The course content includes:
Module 1: Overview of Valuation Modeling

  • Why do we value companies?
  • Differentiating between Book Value and Market Value
  • Understanding Equity Value vs. Total Enterprise Value (TEV)
  • Understanding the three Generally Accepted Valuation Methodologies
  • Qualitative factors in valuation – management quality

Module 2: LBO Modeling

  • Overview of Valuation Modeling
  • Understanding the LBO Modeling
  • Stating the key participants involved in LBO Modeling
  • Identifying the key characteristics of an LBO candidate
  • Understanding the Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Understanding how the LBOs generate Returns
  • Understanding how Leverage is used to enhance returns
  • Describing Primary Exit / Monetization Strategies
  • Understanding the LBO financing structure
  • Performing the steps involved in LBO Analysis


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